Red Basil | Thai Food

(Chicken Pad Thai)
Ever since my best friend introduced me to Red Basil I have been addicted! I always liked Thai food but that was only because I would pick a dish that was in my comfort zone such as Chicken/Shrimp Pad Thai or Fried Rice. But with curiosity and wanting to try new things I decided to one day order Shrimp Spicy Noodles (sauteed flat noodle with egg and fresh basil in a spicy garlic soy sauce) and of course for this dish I always request that it be very very very mild because I cannot tolerate spicy foods. 
Red Basil is located in Long Island City (3247 Steinway St.) right off of the R train local stop at Steinway. Their $$ eatery has a great atmosphere and excellent customer service. 

(Shrimp Summer Rolls)
I am a huge fan of their Shrimp Summer Rolls with their version of a peanut-soy sauce concoction. I always order this whenever I am having an appetizer since it is light and will not fill you up before your main dish. Also, let's not neglect their Thai Iced Tea! Instead of using condensed milk they use regular milk as a substitute so it is not too high on calories (but who's counting, right?).

(Shrimp Spicy Noodles)
I really do hope that anyone who is in NYC or in the Astoria-Queens area that they try out Red Basil. Their customer service is phenomenal and they are always so welcoming and smiling all the time. 
xoxo -Jess