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Ecuador Ama la Vida | All You Need is Ecuador

Meet my little Chabelita (right), she is of Ecuadorian heritage born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Wherever you are in Ecuador, you will always find small shops that sell hand made artesanias (crafts). Click here to learn more. 

Summer of 2015, I had the privilege to travel throughout Ecuador for about a month. Being that my parents are from Ecuador I was able to travel with my father and younger sister at ease and not feel so much as a tourist. I had not been to Ecuador in over ten years prior to my recent trip. It was breathtaking just watching the clouds and mountains as soon as you stepped out. My grandparents have a farm in Ecuador which they maintain pretty nicely considering they only live in Ecuador for a couple of months throughout the year. I love going out into the open fields and taking in the magnificent scenery that Ecuador has to offer. 
Cuenca, one of Ecuador's cities, is a World Heritage site. Cuenca is a Spanish-style colonial city with a lot of history. Ecuador's former currency, "Sucre" was replaced by the USD ($) in 2000. 

Let's talk about cuisine...
Since both parents are from Ecuador, I am constantly eating Ecuadorian cuisine. It is no doubt that quimbolitos are my favorite dessert to eat while in Ecuador and to also bring over to the US. Quimbolitos are similar to tamales but is more of a spongy consistency and goes great with a cup of Ecuadorian coffee. (Currently craving these now)

There are a lot of things to do in Ecuador, but if you are in Cuenca then I strongly suggest you visit el Museo Nacional Etnográfico del Banco Central de Cuenca. It is a FREE self-guided museum that has three floors of rich Ecuadorian history. This museum is very well kept and is very informative of both the Incan and Spanish Conquistador history. 

There will be a part 2 and 3 post dedicated to Guayaquil and Baños de Agua Santa. Hope everyone has the privilege to visit Ecuador some day! Till next time.
XOXO -Jess