Weekend getaway: Rockport, MA

This right here is picture perfect! Believe it or not but this picture was taken by my boyfriend on his iPhone! We were lucky enough to find a path that lead to this scenic view and my was it breathtaking! If you are planning on booking a mini vacation for the weekend I highly suggest visiting Rockport, MA during the summer or just around the Fall foliage season. 
Hey look it's me and my cupcake! Daniel and I decided last minute that we wanted to get away from the city and travel to New England to also celebrate our anniversary weekend. Because of my schedule we had to go during Halloween weekend and the weather was not bad! It did rain the first day we were there but it wasn't too bad that we needed an umbrella. 

Overall I think Rockport is a cute little town for anyone who wants to get away from a crowded city for just a weekend. I admired all of the self-owned shops and how welcoming everyone was. Even though Rockport is a very small town with very few things to do, we did manage to find awesome scenic places and places to eat with great food. Everything about this town was peaceful and relaxing even though we only spent a day and half here. Driving around town was also beautiful! Houses and trees everywhere with no traffic or angry NYC drivers. 

I stumbled across this shop while window shopping Downtown and was admired by all the colorful artwork in this small shop. I decided to browse around in the porch when the owner stepped out and asked if we were looking for something in specific. Of course my curiosity got the best of me and I asked whether he had a unicorn painting and he did! Lauri the owner paints all of his original pieces by hand but prints them out into smaller or bigger sizes. I was able to snatch up the unicorn (bottom right picture) for only $9. Most of his hand painted drawings retail for $50 and higher. This and some salt water taffy were the only souvenirs I got for myself and I cannot wait to hang up my unicorn painting. You can check out Lauri's gallery HERE.

Our first meal in Rockport was at Red Skiff Restaurant and I ordered a breakfast burrito along with hot cocoa. Daniel wanted a more traditional breakfast so he ordered two chocolate chip pancakes with a side of sausage, bacon and black coffee. I must say that my burrito was the BEST breakfast burrito I have ever had! I do not know what kind of sauce it had or whether they used fresh ingredients that made this burrito just melt in my mouth! Daniel's breakfast was great too as he did not expect his pancakes to be so huge! I of course had to help him with his second pancake since he was full after just one. You can check out their Facebook page HERE or check out their menu and more pictures HERE.

Last but certainly not least is this extra small lobster shop we went to because it is the highest rated place to get lobster. A little fact about me, I love seafood and it is one of my favorite foods when it is paired with pasta. I was determined to have my lobster since it is fresh and a lot cheaper. This was my first time having a lobster roll and I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not but oh my goodness!!! This has got to be the best lobster I have ever tasted! Of course because the lobster was so fresh I started to have minor allergic reactions but that wasn't enough to make me stop eating it. You can check out their Facebook page HERE or their yelp reviews HERE. 

Overall this was a very much needed trip and I am so happy I was able to spend a weekend here with Daniel and just chill out for a couple of days. I cannot wait to explore more towns in New England. Keep an eye out for my Salem, MA post coming in a couple of days! 
XoXo- Jess