Utopia - Gel Manicure

Let's talk about nails today. I have been wanting to write a review on a nail salon I have gone to a couple of times. My first experience at a nail salon was when I had saved up enough money to pay for a simple polish manicure that I wanted for my high school prom. I was really disappointed with my experience and my nail did not turn out the way I wanted them to and I felt overcharged. Fast forward 6 years later and I decided to once again go to a salon that had recently opened up. From the moment I booked my appointment at Utopia Nail & Spa I knew that I would be receiving great customer service. 

My experience at Utopia Nail Salon is always close to perfect. I have gone to this salon about 3 times within the past year and I always feel welcomed and I am always well taken care of. As soon as you enter the nail salon you feel as if you were walking into an upscale nail salon that belongs on 5th Ave. Utopia offers great customer service and the staff are really accommodating to your needs and do your nails with lots of patience and are eager to get to know their customers. After years of experimenting with different nail polishes I had come to the conclusion that regular nail polish would never last more than a day or two until it chipped. Jorge who I believe manages the nail salon and bookings suggested that I get a gel manicure since it would last me about 2 weeks. I decided to opt-in for a mauve pink color and I was really impressed with the service and my nails lasted for about 4 weeks! 

Two weeks ago I decided to bring my sister and my mentee to this nail salon and they were really pleased with the service and my mentee admitted that this was the most luxurious nail salon she had ever been to. I was really happy that they enjoyed their experience and I know I will try to convince my mom to come here for her birthday in a couple of months. Utopia is a place that really cares about their customers and they never fail to ask if you need anything to drink. I think my favorite part about this nail salon is the positive energy that you feel as soon as you walk into the door and also the complimentary lavender and honey hand massage they give after your manicure.

If you are in the NYC area and want to get your nails done then I highly suggest coming to Utopia. You can check out their yelp reviews HERE or their website with a list of their services and weekly specials HERE.