Cozy outfit for an even cozier Airbnb in Rockport, MA

Sometimes getting away from NYC is a good thing. This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to travel to Rockport, MA for a relaxing getaway weekend. We stayed at an airbnb and I immediately fell in love with this place. We were fortunate enough to stay here during Halloween weekend for a very affordable price. You can check out their place HERE

Philosophy Top(Similar HERE) | Debut Scalloped Sweater(Similar HERE)
Forever21 Jeans (HERE) | Straw Hat (Similar HERE) | Boots (Similare HERE)

My outfit was more on the cozier side since we were driving back to NYC that night. I wore a dressy shirt from Philosphy that has lace shoulders (not pictured) for a more delicate and feminine look to it. I decided to pair the shirt with a comfy sweater that was on the thinner side but soft to the touch with a scalloped finished at the end. Because I wanted to feel comfortable during the car ride later that evening I decided to wear Forever21 jeans, and my lace up combat boots. And of course just for fun i decided to wear these straw hats that were part of the house decor. Every corner of this cozy home was beautifully decorated and truly felt like a home. I admired all of the bright colors and natural sunlight this place had. Each corner had a cozy spot with lots of pillows such as the one in the picture above. 

Unfortunately we had missed the fall foliage but did see a couple of trees, such as the one in our garden, that still had a bit of that fall color to them.  I hope to one day in the future come back to this place and relive wonderful memories that were made in this beautiful town of Rockport, MA. Stay tuned for all the wonderful adventures and things to do in Rockport and Salem, MA. 
XoXo- Jess