The Smith

The Smith has quickly become my go-to spot for brunch on a Sunday afternoon. It's very rare for me to eat at a restaurant more than once since I love to explore new restaurants on a weekly basis. If it were up to my boyfriend then he would have all of our dates at The Smith since it is his favorite place to eat and he always ordered his favorite, the Burger Royale. Their menu is not extensive by any means but it does have all the right options for almost any dietary restrictions.

On both occasions, I have ordered something completely different. During my first trip I decided to order a side of home fries, strawberry waffles, and a passion punch cocktail. At first glance I was really happy with their presentation and everything we ordered looked and smelled delicious. I was pleasantly surprised with their organic ketchup and the way everything just melted into my mouth. Atmosphere wise, this place does get really crowded and if you are a party of two then you will practically be sitting next to another couple only inches away. Since this place does get crowded, especially for brunch, it is a bit noisy but not overly noisy that you cannot have a conversation.

This place looks classy but everyone who arrives has a different style of their own so there is no need to worry about what you are wearing since I am sure everyone comes here for the food and not to judge your outfit (so yea wear those sweatpants and hoodie if you really want to). By no means is this place a hole in the wall! It is a true gem smack in the middle of 51st street and 2nd ave making it a popular spot for tourists and residents.
During my second visit, I decided to go towards the heftier side of brunch and order a BLT+E sandwich on a croissant with plain fries. This to me was my guilty pleasure that I will most likely never order again because of the unhealthy calories that it contains (yes I looked up the calories online AFTER I was done with my meal). Their fries are cooked to a crisp and are very addicting since I had to force myself to stop since I knew I was beyond full after my sandwich.


If you are planning to tying this place our for any meal of the day, I highly suggest you make reservations since we did have to wait about 45 minutes the first time we ate here. Reservations can fill up fast so I suggest booking a day in advance. The Smith has various locations around the city so check out their website HERE. The Smith also has locations in Washington, DC along with other locations that are scheduled to open soon. I cannot wait to return this upcoming Thursday and perhaps order some home fried and waffles again. 
Till next time!
XoXoXo- Jess