The Bagel Store

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I have a friend visiting NYC for about a week and we have been super busy with exploring NYC and their latest attractions. Recently we decided we wanted to finally try out the whole rainbow bagel craze and made a quick trip to Bushwick. 

We stopped by The Bagel Store and ordered a total of 4 rainbow bagels with fun-fetti cream cheese. These bagels are not like a traditional bagel, they are whimsical and fun to pose with and of course to eat. This tastes a lot like fun-fetti cake with a hint of strawberry cream cheese. Next time I think I will opt for a regulare lite cream cheese filling since this to me was overly sweet. 

If you can and are planning to make a visit to Brooklyn, then a little tip would be to bring cash because this is a cash-only place and they do not accept cards (but they do have a vending machine at the back of the store). This place is super small and crammed so we ended up taking our bagels to go and headed back home before they got cold. To get here just take the L train to Graham Ave and the store will be right there. Hope you all have an amazing rest of the year and Happy New Year!



Eat Joy said...

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