Cascabel Taqueria

 shredded amish chipotle chicken / spring onion / avocado / chicken chicharron

If you are looking for a Mexican Taqueria in the Upper East side then you should head over to Cascabel Taqueira and enjoy their fair like meals. This place is more on the casual side for people who want to have a couple of drinks and eat savory Mexican food. Daniel opted for a set of two Pollo Chipotle tacos. In my opinion, two small tacos is not enough for a meal so I highly suggest paying a little more for three tacos instead of two or order an appetizer beforehand. 

 shredded berkshire pork butt / mango / oaxaca cheese / queso fresco / smashed avocado / aioli / papalo

I decided to opt for a sandwich since they are served with sweet potato fries. My sandwich was not overly big but because I had a late breakfast I ended up taking half of my meal home. I had doubts with my order since I have a very low tolerance for spicy food but our waitress had assured me that my order was not spicy. After receiving my order and devouring into this sandwich, I did get a bit of a spicy taste but nothing that I couldn't handle. My sandwich was rich in flavor and the fries was a good pairing. 

Even though I was content with my meal, I decided to give their desserts a taste so Daniel and I shared a plate of bite-sized churros with a chocolate sauce dip. These churros were warm and crispy and the semi-bitter chocolate sauce balanced out the flavors quiet nicely. Overall I really enjoyed my food, the atmosphere, and the excellent service we received as soon as we walked into the door. To me, customer service is something that can either make or break and experience so I was really happy that our waitress attended us in all our questions and needs for the day. Perhaps next time I'll give their tacos and tres leches dessert a try. 

You can check out their menu HERE

How to get here: 
Take the Q train to 86th street and exit through 83rd street, 2nd ave and walk down towards 80th street. Or take the 4/5/6 trains to 86th street and exit on 86th st and Lexington ave and walk over to 2nd ave and 80th st. 

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