Oodles of Noodles!

Shio Chicken Ramen
 My first time having Ramen and I was mind blown! Ramen was always something that never appealed to me because of the large bowls and also fearing the taste of an egg or meat in a soup bowl. I always love to try something new but whenever I saw snapchats or pictures of my friends eating Ramen I would always look away. This past weekend I let my boyfriend choose a place to eat and of course he consulted FourSquare and found this Ramen place near his apartment in the UES. 

I of course tried to protest and was hesitant at first since I didn't think I was ready to dive into this type of Japanese cuisine so soon. We ended up going to Mei Jin Ramen on a Saturday night around 6:30 p.m. without any reservations. We did have to wait for less than five minutes to be seated and this place was crowded when we arrived. Looking at their menu they didn't seem to have an extensive menu by any means but they seemed to have quiet a few option for each type of Ramen. 

I really wanted the Veggie Veggie Ramen since I am always skeptical about eating poultry or any type of meats when out. But of course I decided to embrace my inability to eat poultry outside of my home and opted for the Shio Chicken Ramen. This particular dish came with half an egg which initially freaked me out but surprisingly really liked it. Now on to the chicken part... the chicken had a distinct taste to it but that along with the noodles was the best part of the meal. There was something about the way the chicken was cooked and packed with flavor that only made me wish they had given me more than two small pieces. 

Spicy Chili Beef Ramen

Daniel on the other hand likes Ramen and opted for a bowl of Spicy Chili Beef Ramen. I did have a taste of his order and I was glad I had stuck with chicken instead of beef since I was neither a fan of the ground beef nor the spiciness. However, to each their own because Daniel really seemed to enjoy his dish. We decided to skip the appetizers and opted for tap water instead of wine or soft beverages. The portions are pretty big and it is not a "normal" soup dish by any means but I did think it could have used a bit more noodles and chicken. In terms of pricing, this place is very affordable with dishes ranging from $13-$15 a bowl and they even have another entrance to their place which is strictly dessert and beverages. 

I am not saying that I completely fell in love with Ramen but I did like trying out this new type of cuisine and would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a bowl of Ramen or wanting to try something new. The atmosphere of this place is cozy with small wooden benches as seats that have a little basket underneath where you can put your purse or a small jacket. 

My rating:
Reasons why:
-Pleasant and calming atmosphere, family friendly
-Reasonable pricing on their food
-Great and fast service
-Not too noisy for a Staurday night
-Deducted one point because it could have used a bit more noodles and chicken

Links below if you want to check them out:
Grub Hub Menu
1574 2nd Ave 
New York NY, 10028

Phone Number:
(212) 327-2800

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