San Marzano | East Village

***Before you start reading, don't forget about Restaurant Week here in NYC from January 23 - February 10!***
Sangria (red)

I have started a pattern of trying to find the perfect red glass of Sangria everywhere I go. San Marzano, located in the East Village has perhaps the most affordable glass of Sangria that I have ever seen. This rich glass could have used a bit more fruit and less ice but was more on the sweet side which is what I really like. I am not a big fan of bitter or sour drinks so I always opt for a sweet white wine or a classic glass of red sangria. To change things up I think next time I will opt for a white sangria since I have never had one. 

Meatballs (veal, pork, beef, mushroom marinara sauce)

Daniel and I decided to share a plate of meatballs as our appetizer since we did have to wait 30min to be seated because we had not made a reservation ahead of time. Since this is the second time I have had meatballs in years, I cannot really say that these were my favorite. I would suggest opting for calamari since you can never go wrong with that.

Farfalle wild boar ragu                                      Spaghetti alla norma 

We both decided to stick with their fresh pasta and sauce. Daniel had the Farfalle wild boar ragu which he described as having a stroganoff taste which was unexpected. The portion size was decent and a bit on the small side but definitely fulfilling for my petite self. When I eat out at restaurants I tend to stick to vegetarian or seafood dishes since I am not a huge fan of red meats or poultry. I was disappointed that the menu did not have any seafood or poultry options. The reason I chose Spaghetti as my pasta was because I honestly did not know how to pronounce the other options and I did not want to make a fool of myself (which I deeply regret). I chose the alla norma sauce since it was the only option that had eggplant and I wanted my pasta to have more than just grape tomatoes and sauce. I do wish they would add a mushroom option as I am a big fan of that in my dishes. Personally I really liked my dish mainly because the eggplant was tendered and melted in my mouth and did not feel chewy. Overall my dish was very well prepared but I think next time I will ask to not include mozzarella cheese as it seemed unnecessary. 


I think this is one of those rare occasions where we would order dessert at a restaurant. I am a big fan of dessert and I have a sweet tooth to pretty much anything! Daniel on the other hand is not into sweets so I was lucky enough to not have to share this delicious cannoli with him. I haven't had enough cannoli's from different places to make a comparison but this is probably the best one that i have tasted since the filling was a thick consistency compared to the few that I have tastes within the past year or two. 

My rating:
My reasoning behind this rating is due to the following:
1. This place is a bit on the noisy side with very little room between tables which makes it difficult to converse with whoever you're with. If you're eating at this place with at least 4 people then noise won't be as much of an issue compared to a party of 2. 
2. Our waitress did forget to bring us a basket of bread when we were seated but I am unsure whether that was because we ordered an appetizer or not but every table that I could see was served bread when they were first seated. I do however acknowledge that this was a busy night so it may have been an oversight.
3. I think this place would really benefit with a more extensive menu that had other sauce/meat options. 
4. I highly suggest making reservations ahead of time since we did have to wait about 30min to be seated and others that came after us had to wait for about 45min to an hour. 
5. Our bill was fairly inexpensive compared to other places that we've been to so I can safely say that this place is budget friendly. 

If you are interested in dining in the East Village you can check out their menus here: Lunch/DinnerBrunchWine/Beer or you can check out their website Here for more information.

Hopefully I am able to check out more restaurants during Restaurant Week here in NYC from January 23 - February 10.
Till next time!