February 27, 2017

Casual Petite Outfit

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Well hello there! I'm finally back with another post and I'm so exciting about this one because it brings such great memories. A couple weeks ago, NYC was blessed with 65+ degree weather so Daniel and I decided to go out and just walk aimlessly through Central Park, Hudson River Greenway, and all throughout the West Side. 


I wanted my outfit to be stylish but comfortable as possible. Because it was such a sunny and beautiful day, I decided to wear my UVA baseball cap and sunnies from Forever21 to cover as much as my face as possible since I did not have face sunscreen on hand. I bought this lightweight figure flattering cardigan from De Janeiro which was perfect for all the walking we did by the water. Wearing a plain black cami from Forever21, Cello light wash skinny jeans, and black faux leather booties from DSW.  

My favorite part of this outfit is definitely this wristlet that Daniel gifted me for Valentine's Day. I love this wristlet because it's so spacious and just cute to look at! I mainly use this wristlet as my makeup bag but have found myself using it more for it's original use such as when I'm off to lunch during my break I will use this wristlet to pop in my headphones, credit card, ID, and other necessities. Currently this wristlet is 50% off at Macy's and I highly recommend this if you're looking for a cheesy wristlet (since it say's "Pizza My Heart") or a new makeup bag. 

Love is finding happiness in your surroundings and I definitely fell in love with NYC all over again when we were walking through central park and all along the Hudson. I had never walked down the Hudson and I found this hidden gem that which I just could not resist and had to take pictures since there was no one around and I definitely felt like a little girl. If you want to explore NYC, I would suggest not wearing booties and just wear sneakers or shoes that do not have a heel. I hope we will have warmer weather in the upcoming weeks and I cannot wait for Summer! Till next time. 
XoXoXo- Jess

February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Ultimate Gift Guide for HER!

Welcome back! Today's post is dedicated to next week's celebration, Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or whatever you want to call it! I have put together an ULTIMATE gift guide for her and my reasoning behind it all. I have included gift ideas such as accessories, charitable donations, and much more!

1. This first gift idea is for those that like to donate to charity and know that their money is going towards a good cause. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a great organization for animal lovers who would like for their money to go towards an animal of their choosing. Last year I surprised my boyfriend with this Sloth that I "adopted". If you or someone you know would love something like this for V-Day then feel free to check out their website HERE. (Range $15-$50+)

2. This second item is also a charitable purchase. I came across the Ivory Ella website January of 2016. I was in awe of their beautiful pieces and loved the idea of a partial donation. 10% of your purchase goes toward a charity called Save the Elephants. I love their dainty pieces and they have since expanded their shop to much more than just jewelry, they have everything ranging from clothes, water bottles, watches, and much more. My favorite is this rose gold elephant outline necklace I purchased. 
(Range $29-$60+)