Valentine's Day Ultimate Gift Guide for HER!

Welcome back! Today's post is dedicated to next week's celebration, Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or whatever you want to call it! I have put together an ULTIMATE gift guide for her and my reasoning behind it all. I have included gift ideas such as accessories, charitable donations, and much more!

1. This first gift idea is for those that like to donate to charity and know that their money is going towards a good cause. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a great organization for animal lovers who would like for their money to go towards an animal of their choosing. Last year I surprised my boyfriend with this Sloth that I "adopted". If you or someone you know would love something like this for V-Day then feel free to check out their website HERE. (Range $15-$50+)

2. This second item is also a charitable purchase. I came across the Ivory Ella website January of 2016. I was in awe of their beautiful pieces and loved the idea of a partial donation. 10% of your purchase goes toward a charity called Save the Elephants. I love their dainty pieces and they have since expanded their shop to much more than just jewelry, they have everything ranging from clothes, water bottles, watches, and much more. My favorite is this rose gold elephant outline necklace I purchased. 
(Range $29-$60+)

3. Every since my boyfriend gifted me this blanket scarf for my birthday, I have been obsessed! I usually switch between my crochet infinity scarf that my sister made me and this blanket scarf. This scarf is so verstavile and it comes in 2 other colors. My bf bought this on Amazon and I just love the quality and feel of this scarf. This is perfect for those colder days where you need to bundle up or perfect as a blanket if you're feeling cold indoors. You can find it HERE. (Range $7-$10)

4. I wanted to talk about these two items on my wrist. The first is a personalized leather bracelet that I was gifted. I'm not sure exactly where this one is from but I think it's perfect for those couples that have a lot of inside jokes or have a nickname for their SO. I found this etsy shop that makes similar ones like mine HERE. As for the watch, I was on the search for a warm tone watch that I can wear everything and also for a case diameter that wasn't too big for my petite wrist. I came across the Skagen brand while searching at the Century21 stores in NYC. You can browse their watches HERE. (Bracelet $15; Watch range $70-$175)

5. You can never have too many nail polishes! Holiday collections and single polishes are inexpensive to gift depending on the brand. Personally I have started to really enjoy my KL Polish by Kathleen Lights (fellow YouTuber). Other favorite brands include: Butter London and Essie. (Range $7-$12)

6. Why not get your SO some accessories that are in style this season? Chokers have been all the rage this past Fall and current winter. Some to consider are the ones  made out of velvet, lace, and some that even have a pendant hanging down. Here are some affordable ones from Forever 21: Sheer Chain ChokerSuede Heart ChokerCrochet Choker
(Range $3-$7)

7. This Polaroid is a perfect gift those who like to capture moments through pictures. It's small enough to fit in a purse and come in many colors. Not to mention it is also on the more affordable side compared to a DSLR camera or a point-and-shoot camera. You can find these for a fraction of the price HERE (make sure to check out their coupons or flash sale to get them for cheaper) (Range $79-$112)

8. This next gift idea is more on the high end of the budget depending on what you choose. I think gifting someone an experience speaks for itself, especially when it's an adventurous one. Instead of spending money on jewelry, flowers, chocolate and all those cliche gifts, why not take your SO on a mini getaway? A change of environment never hurt anyone and it can be a way to rekindle that flame or spend quality time with one another. This does not have to be an extravagant experience/getaway. This can be as simple as going rock climbing, taking a paint class, dance lessons, or going out of town for a day or two. (Range $60-$250)

9.  Last but not least... perfume! I love buying perfume myself, especially when I am traveling somewhere, I love to have a signature scent for that trip so that I can always be reminded of those special moments. Lately the top most bought perfumes are Marc Jacobs: Decadence, Victor & Rolf: FlowerbombJuicy Couture: I am Juicy Couture.
(Range $29-$165) 

I hope you enjoy the 14th! Let me know in the comments down below what you will be gifting your SO or what you would like to be gifted. :)



Naksh Kaloo said...

I generally don't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day but I love giving self-treats and this is an amazing guide & I loved the idea of accessories.

Thanks for sharing :)

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