Affordable Sweaters

It is still sweater weather here in NYC. So today's post is all about affordable sweaters that are comfortable and stylish for this season. 

This first one is definitely a favorite of mine that I wear whenever I want to feel comfortable and know that I'm about to indulge in some delicious food that will later leave me with a visible food baby. This sweater does have some open knit holes down the sides of the front so I recommend layering this with a tank top underneath for extra warmth. I usually wear this sweater with a nude bra. I love the way this sweater keeps me warm and it has a loose fitted mock neck which is in style this season. Because this is a knit sweater I recommend being extra careful with your jewelry pieces since I have damaged this sweater by accidentally tugging on it with my rings. I bought this sweater at TJ Maxx but I found a similar one under $15 at Nordstrom Rack and this one from Buckle.

This next one is more on the trendier side with little warmth but still comfortable. I usually like to wear this cold shoulder sweater with skinny jeans or sometimes with black leggings (I know, I know, leggings are not pants!). I must say that the cold shoulder definitely makes you cold during the winter time so if you're not about that life then just skip out on this. I however don't mind since I usually carry a blanket scarf that I can wrap around myself if I do get cold. I found this burgundy cold shoulder sweater at TJ Maxx as well and find it to run really big since the one above is a size small so an x-small would've fit a lot better around the arms. I found a similar one from Miss Guided in a knit material that should be a lot warmer.

Hi there floppy ears! This next sweater is a knit sweater from FOREVER21 and it's only $15.99. This is a cropped sweater which I kind of dislike but pairing this with black high waisted jeans is the perfect combo. This sweater will definitely keep you warm since it is more on the thicker knit side. These come in a variety of colors from olive, walnut, baby blue, etc. I can see myself wearing this with high waisted shorts as a transition from spring to summer. 

This next sweater is one that I unfortunately do not wear as often as I'd like because it runs very small and I am too afraid to pop this in the dryer. I bought this sweater at the beginning of winter and I immediately fell in love with the color and was amazed by how soft and cozy this sweater was. I cannot find the exact one but this one is very similar in color and seems to not run as small in sizes. 

Can you tell I love unicorns? This sweater was gifted to me two years ago by my best friend who so happened to find this sweater in the kids section at H&M. I must say, that this sweater has been my most warn sweater whenever I am going out shopping or just having a casual day with friends or the boo. I'm not sure when my unicorn obsession began but I have tried (keyword tried) to keep it to a minimum but this sweater just makes me so happy and it's perfect for this type of weather. Because this sweater is over two years old, I have linked a more subtle one HERE. My Unicorn slippers are from Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which sweater was your favorite or which one you cannot live without. 
XoXoXo- Jess