Brooklyn Botanic Garden | Casual Outfit

What a great escape from Manhattan right in Brooklyn. I had not been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in years and decided to go this past weekend as it was Daniel's birthday. Being surrounded by so many flowers and open fields was exactly what we needed for a stress free weekend away from the city. Daniel and I both had a nice peaceful walk around the garden and we even witnessed a couple of wedding photo shoots that were taking place. I definitely was not dressed for a photo shoot but I did wear one of the most comfiest outfits I have ever worn! (outfit details at the end of this blog.)
Daniel and I embracing the green grass and beautiful flowers that surrounded us. For his birthday, Daniel only wished to get away from the city and be surrounded by nature. We decided to head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as it was the closest and a budget friendly escape from the city. For only $15 a person, you can experience the beauty of endless grass fields and flowers/plants from all over the world. My favorite place inside the garden was walking around the Bonsai tree collections and running around the open fields. 

If you are ever wanting to escape from the city but are on a budget, I highly suggest a quick trip to Brooklyn. If you are a student, you can buy tickets for $8 if you show your student ID or you can get in for FREE on Tuesdays (all day) and Saturdays between 10 a.m. to noon. For more information you can visit their website HERE

Behold the most casual outfit you have ever seen me in! My sunglasses are from H&M, my burgundy top is a cold shoulder top from T.J. Maxx (similar one here), my sweater is an H&M sweater borrowed from my sister (HERE), my bag is an older style from Kenneth Cole, my leggings are from FOREVER 21, and my shoes are PUMAS from DSW.

XoXoXo- Jess