I tried Stitch Fix and this is what happened...

1. Fun2Fun ($44) 2. Jella C ($36)  3. Skies are Blue ($44)  
4. Lila Ryan ($88) 5. Remolo ($34)

Isn't it everyone's dream to have a personal stylist who can make any outfit look so effortlessly on you? Well Stitch Fix is exactly that, minus the part where you have to meet your stylist in person and physically go shopping with them. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box where you fill out a questionnaire and your stylist picks out 5 items for you to try on. You can choose whether you want a weekly box, monthly, or you can even choose specifics days you want your box to arrive. There is a styling fee you pay for every box you receive which is $20 and you can use that fee towards any item(s) you choose to keep. If you keep all 5 items then you receive 25% off your entire order. 

For my Fix, I received 3 shirts, a pair of pants and a necklace. Let's talk about the fit/sizing, the shirts were overall a bit too big on me since they run big. I had marked down a size small for shirts and a size 4 for pants. In my questionnaire I did mention that I am not comfortable with showing my arms and so I was really disappointed to see 2/3 shirts were sleeveless. I did however end up keeping the Fun 2 Fun shirt since they do offer free exchanges so I ended up exchanging the shirt for a size extra small. I was a bit disappointed with the pants since they were a light pink color that was completely out of my comfort zone and the fit was rather bigger than normal. I was inclined to keep and exchange the pants for a size 2 but the price point was $88 and I felt as though I could buy a pair at H&M or T.J.Maxx for around $20. 

My overall take on this specific box was rather disappointing. I did like all the shirts, the pants looked good and the necklace felt so expensive and look stunning on. I feel as though if the pants fitted well and the shirts werent sleeveless then I might have kept all of the items and would have only paid $168 for all 5 items. I am however giving Stitch Fix another chance and am very excited to see what I receive in my next Fix. If you would like to see my first impressions on these items and more pictures on how they fit then definitely check out my YouTube video where I show you my honest first impressions.

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, feel free to use my referral code or sign up on your own

Till next time! XoXoXo- Jess