The Sweet Shop

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This post is dedicated to all of my "sweet toothers" out there. The Sweet Shop is located on the Upper East Side and is considered the #1 candy and ice cream shop for that area. The Sweet Shop sells everything from vintage candy to artisanal ice cream. Selling ice cream from Van Leeuwan, this small shop is packed with tourists and locals on a daily basis. Daniel and I decided to grab dessert after our yummy Italian dinner. 

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The Sweet Shop serves its ice cream in a tiny Chinese take out box. This to me was very intriguing and confusing at the same time. Eating ice cream out of this was hilarious since we were walking around the neighborhood and I definitely did get stares from other people wondering why I was eating ice cream out of a Chinese take out box with a silver spoon. Unfortunately since we had gone after dinner, they were all out of milkshakes and other ice cream flavors. We did take the opportunity to stock up on some good old fashioned pop rocks and Hi-Chews. 

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Everyone at The Sweet Shop was very kind and definitely happy to be there. The owner did gift Daniel with a tiny vanilla ice cream cone with peanut butter chunks since they were out of milkshakes. Overall this place is definitely suited for those who want to reminisce on their childhood's favorite candy. My only suggestion and tip when visiting this place is to have self control because you will get sweet cravings from their never ending inventory. My other tip would be to listen to the owner or other workers for any recommendations they might have since they can do no wrong. 

My rating: 10/10

NEW YORK, NY 10021

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 10pm​​Friday & Saturday: 10am - midnight​Sunday: 12pm - 10pm
XoXoXo- Jess