NYC Getaway | Catskill Mountains

We are pretty much halfway through the summer and I have just been itching to get away from the city and do something outdoorsy and have a peaceful weekend that doesn't involve the Subway, people pushing and shoving, and tall steel buildings. The Catskill Mountains has been on a my bucket list for about a year now and I was finally able to go a couple of weeks ago with Daniel. We stayed in Woodstock, NY and was also able to do a hike trail and it was beautiful! 

We decided to do a beginners trail since this was pretty much our first time hiking in a very long time. At first we were completely unprepared for the hike since we had neglected to bring any water. Luckily we drove a mile or two and found a YMCA at the top of a mountain and we were able to fill up our water bottles. We sprayed ourselves with 100% deet (bug spray), had snacks in our backpack and we were all set to hike the Giant Ledge & Panther Mountain Trail. With the very little hiking that I have done since I live in the city, I was unaware of deet and how potent it was and surprisingly. no mosquito/bug bites!!! I found a durable long branch that I used as my walking stick for this hike and I felt like it helped out a lot and surprisingly I was not huffing and puffing at all. We made sure to stay hydrated early on our trail and eat peanut butter crackers every now and then.  

Once we reached the top I felt like a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders and the view made the hike worthwhile. We also saw a small garden snake in person which is something I had never seen before and was taken aback by it and only watched from a distance. I will never forget my first hike in New York and I cannot wait to go back more frequently now and hike other trails and keep exploring the nature side of New York. The Catskill Mountains is an easy one day trip and less than a two hour drive from the city. 

What a great weekend I had in a very peaceful town and of course no traffic :)
Next on my New York bucket list is definitely Bear Mountain! Thanks for stopping by, till next time!
XoXoXo- Jess



Thorough Lad said...

I really enjoyed this place and you can definitely find me here for more events. I didn't eat anything when on my recent visit to venues in San Francisco, but those around me had truffle fries, pizza, and wings all seemed to enjoy.

Unknown said...

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