Never too Cold for Ice Cream | Amorino

 Don't we all crave ice cream from time to time(or all the time)?

This weekend I went on an ice cream adventure with my friends in the city. I randomly started craving ice cream after dinner and decided to walk around the area when we encountered this gem in Union Square. I always dreamed of going to an instaworthy ice cream shop and this screamed #instaworthy. Amorino is located in Manhattan, NY near 14th street, Union Square. This was my first time being in an ice cream place that created a work of art with it's products. The crew members were so welcoming and answered all of my questions as well as gave me recommendations. 

For my first order, I opted for a medium sugar cone with a selection of five different flavors topped with whipped cream and a macaroon. Amorino offers an unlimited selection of ice cream as well as the option to mix both ice cream and gelato flavors. I chose the following flavors: Vanilla with chocolate chips, chocolate nutella, hazelnut, raspberry cheesecake, and chocolate topped with homemade whipped cream and a raspberry macaroon.  


This was definitely an instagrammable moment and I enjoyed every second of my ice cream. I think next time I will opt for a mixture of both their ice cream and gelato flavors. Perfect of a sweet brunch spot, this place also offers waffles, pancakes and a variety of pastries. This place also offers drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes, and granitas. 

You can visit them at their other New York City locations in:
Chelsea (162 8th Ave)
Midtown West, Theater District, Hell's Kitchen (721 8th Ave)
Upper West Side (414 Amsterdam Ave)

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