Wrap Skirt + Knit Sweater

Knit Sweater (S/M) |  Wrap Skirt (SimilarSimilar) | Tights | Shoes (sz 5.5)

Winter cannot stop us from wearing skirts and sheer tights. Recently I have been loving thick skirts that I can style with chunky sweaters. I am not a skirt type of lady but I lately I have been inspired to get out of my comfort zone and try new styles. I decided that this wool wrap skirt would look good paired alongside a thick sweater, sheer tights and cute booties. When it comes to extreme low temperatures I will usually double up on tights or wear knit tights in order to add an extra layer of warmth. For extra warmth, this outfit could also be paired with a nice pair of Over The Knee (OTK) boots. If you do not have a pair of OTK boots, I like to mimic the appearance of the style by adding knit thigh high socks that match the shoe color I am wearing. 

Petite Walker Coat by Calvin Klein here (sz PS, on sale now!)

A really nice outfit calls for a really nice coat. I blogged about this coat in a previous post here. I just love the way this oatmeal twill color looks so chic and classy around this time of the year. This coat definitely adds more warmth to the outfit since it is made of wool and on the thicker side. This coat compliments the outfit very nicely and makes it look more fashionable.



Peter said...

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