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Eggs Benedict with Rosemary Potatoes 

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Philadelphia, PA and spend a couple of days in Center City with friends. The food highlight of my stay was having brunch at Green Eggs Cafe proceeded by a food coma. Green Eggs Cafe is located at 212 S 13th Street. Since this place does not take reservations, I suggest arriving early and sticking out the wait time which ranges between 35min to 1.5 hrs. My friends and I arrived around 10am and waited around 45minutes to be seated. The only downside of the waiting part is that they call out your name so you must be sure to be around since they do not do phone calls/texts. Thankfully Philly had great weather the morning we arrived so we did not mind having to wait outside. 

Chicken & Waffles Benedict with Rosemary Potatoes (Benedict eggs has been substituted for scrambled eggs)

The service of this place was faster than expected and our server was very attentive to our needs and modifications made to our order. Every one at our table ordered a different entree and it is safe to say that we were all content with our food. The portions were much larger than expected so I suggest coming here on an empty stomach and ready to eat for two. The ambiance of the place contained a lot of natural light and not too noisy. I enjoyed the rustic feel this place had as the wooden tables added character to the place.

Creme Brulee French Toast 

I have a confession.. I have always disliked French Toast and the idea of it did not please me. After a couple of my friends saying that it was great French Toast I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and usual for me. I have to say, I was blown away with how good this tasted. I am now convinced that the previous two times that I have had French Toast in New York was just an unfortunate bad experience. This would definitely be something that I would order over and over again. I enjoyed the vanilla bean taste and rich berry compote that this contained. I very much appreciated the serving of fresh berries. 

Nutella Late                                                                    Mac & Cheese

Since this was my first time at this place, I decided to order both a specialty drink as well as a side of Mac & Cheese incase I did not like my French Toast. I have to admit, my only disappointment was the Nutella Late as it did not taste like Nutella at all and half the mug was just whipped cream. My side of Mac & Cheese however was divine and had the same great taste the next day (since I was way too full from inhaling my French Toast I decided to take my side order to go). Another minor disappointment is that this place is cash only and for someone like myself who does not carry cash was a bit annoying since I had to find a non-fee ATM or get cash back after a small purchase at the pharmacy. Overall, I would definitely return to this place if I am ever in Philly again. 

My rating:

Pros: great food, not too noisy, decent prices, friendly staff
Cons: long wait time, no reservations, cash only, 

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