Makeup decluttering Series: Blushes

Welcome back!
I am so excited to announce my makeup decluttering series on my blog. Each week I will post a specific category of makeup that I have decluttered. This week I am decluttering my blushes because I have A LOT! Let's get started ;)

This is an overview of my entire blush collection (excluding blushes that come in face palettes) that I am reviewing and deciding on whether to keep or toss. Powder blushes on average lasts around two years if taken care of properly. Most of my blushes are about a year old with the exception of a couple that are shown here. 

Let's start off with my Eyes Lips Face blushes, also known as E.L.F:
Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette in Dark (HERE)

E.L.F has always been my favorite affordable drugstore brand and this blush palette has been in my collection for a little over a year now. I decided to keep this blush palette because the pigmentation is over the top and you definitely get your money's worth. These colors look very intimidating and works well for medium to darker complexions. There is a light version to this palette but the colors for me are a bit too light and so this palette works best on me when I am tanned in the summer time. 

1. E.L.F Blush & Bronzer duo in St. Lucia (here
3. E.L.F single blush in Candid Coral (here)
4 & 5. E.L.F Matte Blush duo in Rosy Flush (here)

Product one and two are duplicate products and the color difference between them two is due to the amount of time I have had them for. Product 2 I have had for over four years, that's right, but stopped using many years ago but could never bring myself to let it go. A couple of months ago I decided to buy the duo again since it is an exact dupe for NARS orgasm. My favorite out of these four is the Matte blush duo in Rosy Flush. This product has a smooth creamy formula but in powder form. I ended up letting go of the original St. Lucia duo and am still on the fence between the Candid Coral shade since it wears more like a blush topper and has very little color payoff. 

Wet n Wild:

1 & 3. Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink & Mellow Wine (here)
2 & 4. Color Icon Ombre Blush in Mai Tai Buy You a Drink and The Princess Daiquiries (here)

Wet n Wild is also a staple in my makeup collection as they are also an affordable drugstore brand. However, I have found that there are definitely a couple of misses when it comes to their blushes. The pigmentation of their Color Icon Blushes are out of this world! They are rich in pigment and feel so soft when swatched. On the other hand, their Colo Icon Ombre Blush are a miss for me as they feel grainy and have a lot of kickback. I decided to discard both ombre blushes as well as the Pearlescent Pink blush since I do not gravitate towards that specific shade of blush. Mellow Wine is the only shade I decided to keep out of these four as it is what I gravitate when I want to go a bit more bold. 

Joe Fresh, NYX, Milani and Butter London:

1. Joe Fresh in Hydrangea (Canadian Brand)
2. NYX blush in Mocha (Discontinued)
3. Milani Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose (here)
4. Physicians Formula Butter Blush in Plum Rose here)

Joe Fresh is a brand I discovered while vacationing in Canada this past September. I tend to gravitate towards darker shades of blush and this fit perfectly in my collection. Joe Fresh is a drugstore brand in Canada that can be found in any of their pharmacies or supermarkets. This NYX blush is another blush that I have had for over five years, scary I know! Thus shade in Mocha was my very first blush purchase I had made from Ulta back when I was still an undergrad at the University of Virginia. I have not used this blush in so long but never had the heart to throw it out since it had a lot of sentimental value. This time around I decided it was time to let this go and make room for future blushes. Milani is a drugstore brand that is not as affordable as E.L.F or Wet n Wild but still a brand that has a lot of great products and is cheaper than its high-end competitors. Physicians Formula was always more of a "miss" than a "hit" for me since I had always overlooked every category besides their foundations. I heard about their Butter line from Kathleen Lights and immediately had to try it out for myself. I am not a fan of coconut scents but this line is an exception as it smells very tropical and has a silky formula. I cannot wait to purchase more of their shades. 

Tarte, MakeupGeek, Studio Makeup, L.A. Girl

 1. Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Paaarty (here)
2. MakeupGeek Powder in XoXo (here)
3. Studio Makeup Luminous Loose Blush 
4. L.A. Girl Just Blushing Powder in Just Natural (here)

I received the Tarte Cosmetics blush as an annual birthday gift from Sephora last year and this blush really does last a long time. I like how natural and soft this blush looks on me. I believe this specific color is not available as it was made specifically for the monthly promotion from Sephora. This MakeupGeek blush was received from a monthly BoxyCharm subscription and I have only used it once and was not a fan of this color. This color does not look good against my complexion and the color pigmentation is very strong. This is a blush I will be giving away as it was received not too long ago and has been barely used. This Studio Makeup is a cult favorite of mine and is a shade I would wear everyday if it weren't so messy. The L.A. Girl blush is my most natural and sheer blush that I own. I tend to wear this mostly in the winter months as I am a lot more fair and this is the perfect "no makeup, makeup look". 

Even though I had expected to declutter a lot more blushes, I am glad I was able to get rid of six and rediscover shades that were lost in my collection. What do you think of this new makeup series I am doing on my blog? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Let me know in the comments down below. :) 



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