What to wear in Spain

Spain will forever hold a special place in my heart. I remember going crazy with figuring out what my favorites would look like and what was considered "appropriate". I must say, I am glad I did my research but also really glad I was able to pull together awesome outfits with very basic pieces. By no means am I saying that I was the most well dressed tourist in Spain, but I could proudly say that I did not look like a tourist wearing booty shorts or haivanas. Let's get started with my outfits:

1. Day One/Flight Outfit

This first outfit was basically a 2 for 1 deal and I have no shame in sharing this. I knew that once we arrived in Barcelona from what was an 8 hr trip, I would waste no time in exploring the city. This is why I needed an outfit that was both comfortable but also appropriate to walk around in. Who doesn't wear leggings as pants? (I could name a few) Leggings for this trip was the best decision ever and I had recently purchased this long sleeve shirt from my DailyLook subscription and I was as comfortable as I could be. I must confess, my shoes were NOT comfortable at all! I experienced very very bad blisters on the back of my foot since this was my first time wearing these. I did not break these shoes in until AFTER I got back from Spain.

2. Day Two | Multiple Attractions

This next outfit screams comfort! While in Spain I knew there would be certain days where I would be walking for miles on end so I knew I needed bottoms that would not make me feel all gross and uncomfortable due to the heat. Day two consisted of visiting Park Güell, Camp Nou, and other attractions all in one day. I re-discovered the beauty of owning basic and neutral colored pieces on this trip and I am now forever grateful (and yes I have repeated this outfit several times). And yes, these pants have pockets!!!

Denim Jacket (Petite S) | Crew Neck T-Shirt (XS, 02 Light Grey) | Elasticized Pants (Sz 4) | Crossbody Handbag

3. Day Three | Barceloneta, Sagrada Familia, and many more!

 If you were to have met me before my trip to Spain then you would have known that I never dare to wear anything white or khaki because I HATE sweat stains. I'm the type of person that dislikes sorting laundry which is why I never used to own anything white or similar in color. Fast forward to Spain (really came out of my comfort zone here), I found that packing neutral colors such as white, grey, beige, etc. was great for packing as little as possible but getting at least 2-3 different outfits per shirt. I love this third outfit and it's one that I have worn multiple times with different shoes since at the time of this trip I had not yet fallen in love with any espadrilles. With this outfit I really had to be careful with what I ate (for fear of spilling any type of food), what I sat on and whether I had any questionable sweat stains. When I saw this bench across from Casa Mila I had to automatically take a picture since it matched my outfit so well.

Top (Similar) | Pants Similar 

4. Day Four | Arriving in Sevilla

Sevilla is the perfect walking town as it is so small that we never actually used public transportation. Wearing my Fitbit was great for this entire trip but more so in Sevilla as I did the most eating here as much as possible. Sevilla is also the city that restored by faith in humanity as it is near here that I forgot my phone on the steps in front of Alcázar  and over 40 minutes later I went back and my phone was still there and there were many people that were either on the steps or around it and it was untouched. I wore my wedges on the first day here and I had to immediately change that afternoon as we were doing so much walking the whole time. 

Crew Neck T-Shirt (XS, 09 Black) | Jeans (Size 4S) | Coach Wristlet Similar | Wedges Similar

5. Day Five | Alcázar, Metrapol Parasol, etc. 

Sevilla is one of those cities that can be visited in a day depending on what you want to see. We did the mistake of staying in Sevilla for about three days which was our own fault for not doing enough research. The highlights of this city was definitely visiting Alcázar where the Water Gardens of Dorne from Game of Thrones was filmed. We also visited Metrapol Parasol, walked alongside the bulls, and ate some amazing tapas. As you can see from my outfit, I repeated my top from day two and paired it with some ripped jeans from Express. I however sort of wished I wore lighter bottoms as Sevilla is the hottest city in Europe and it was really hot this day! For my travel from Sevilla to Madrid, I wore my stripped pants from H&M as I wanted to strictly wear my leggings as a last resort outfit or for the trip back to NYC. Sevilla is also the place where I experienced the worst blisters (I still hadn't bought comfortable shoes at this point). 

6. Day Seven | Madrid

Madrid in my opinion is the second best city in Spain. It almost ties with Barcelona since I spent more time in Madrid and was able to take my time in exploring this city. The highlights of this city was exploring the Royal Palace of Madrid, taking a day trip to Toledo, taking a money heist picture and eating copious amounts of ice cream! This last outfit was by far my favorite one out of the while trip since I was wearing these wonderful shoes I bought in Sevilla, wearing my favorite Denim jacket and overall rocking this outfit with my Quay sunnies (not pictured). 

Top (Similar) | Leather Brown Espadrilled made in Spain 

The outfits in-between days in Sevilla and Madrid were not photographed but for the most part it was some sort of combination of all of the above outfits as I did not shop for any additional clothes (just shoes). Let me know in the comments below what you thought of my outfits. You can view more pictures of my Spain adventures via my Instagram. Till next time!