Brooklyn Chop House | Birthday Dinner

Cheers to being 26! This past weekend I celebrated my 26th birthday with dinner and drinks in the city. I decided to go to Brooklyn Chop House since I had been there once for lunch and absolutely enjoyed it. Brooklyn Chop House is located in Manhattan and offers a variety of food choices between steak, dumplings, sandwiches and more. I really enjoy their small plates to share because you can try different things in one sitting. 

I really enjoy their Crispy Rice for Two with Shrimp so it was a must on this night and everyone also seemed to enjoy it. My second favorite food item that we ordered were the Glazed Spare Ribs, this was packed with a lot of flavor and the meat just melted off the bone which is always the best feeling when eating ribs in my opinion. Up next, we ordered Peking Duck Tacos which were also great and the crunchy shell taco gave it extra flavor. I am not sure what the taco part is actually made of since it did not taste like a regular hard shell taco, but rather like like a crispy Wonton wrap (but I could be totally wrong here). As for the dumplings, we opted for the Crispy Steamed Pork Dumplings which my friend really enjoyed. Everything was very delicious and was definitely enough food for the three of us. We also all had one glass of Rose to go with out dinner and we could not have chosen a better drink item. 

You can check out their:
 dinner menu here
Website here
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Foursquare reviews here

After dinner, we wanted to continue my birthday celebration so we went out to the Lower East Side to have some drinks and a good time. So here is a toast to being 26 and living my best life yet. I do not know what this new year of life will bring but I do know that I am fearless, unstoppable and will accomplish amazing things this year and the years to come.