Taiyaki NYC | Unicorn Ice Cream

My dreams of eating a unicorn ice cream came true on Valentine's Day. After dinner I wanted to grab some dessert and so we made our way downtown (cue song) to Taiyaki. You may have heard of Taiyaki because of their Instagrammable fish cones. This place has been featured on many blogger sites, instagram pages, etc. It was not until I saw a friend of mine feature this ice cream on their instastories that I remembered about it. I of course was dying to try out their unicorn ice cream since incase you haven't heard, I am unicorn obsessed. 

For this first experience I knew I wanted the unicorn to be the main focus so I opted out of their famous fish cone and got my ice cream on a regular waffle cone instead. This may sound silly but the 5 year old in me was so giddy the whole time and almost did not want to eat this because it was too pretty. For an extra layer of magic I added their vegan unicorn sprinkles which I had never thought of sprinkles being non-vegan (who knew!). The taste itself did not taste any different than a Mister Frostee (in my opinion, please don't come for my head!) with an added twist of sprinkles and unicorn ears/horn.

My valentine's date opted for a Matcha and Black Sesame swirl on a waffle cone. We had to take a picture of both our ice creams because ya know, they were both super instagrammable ;) The prices are a bit higher than your usual Mister Softee truck but I think it was worth it for the gram and the experience of course. I wouldn't say this was life changing but it sure was a magical first experience to say the least. The workers were super sweet and friendly and they played the best music. The space itself is small with limited seating (2 wooden benches) and an instagrammable wall:

 Taiyaki has two locations in NYC, one in Chinatown and one in Williamsburg. They also have a location in Miami FL, and Toronto ON. You can view their NYC website here. Below are their NYC social media handles and review sites:

Let me know what other instagrammable places you've tried or where I should try next in the comments section below!



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Cookie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! Maybe I'll check this place out someday.

With love,