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Welcome back to another blog post! Today's blog post is dedicated to a recent jewelry subscription I joined and my thoughts on all the pieces and what I ended up returning. Rocksbox is a $21/month jewelry subscription where you are given three jewelry pieces customized to your style. Shipping is free for both delivery and returns. Below is the packaging that your jewelry comes in (adorable!).

When signing up for this subscription, you are prompted to choose your style preferences in all jewelry categories (rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings). This style quiz takes less than five minutes to complete and once completed you are able to view their gallery and create a wishlist on the pieces you would like to receive in your box. In each box you will receive one jewelry item from your wishlist and the rest is picked by your personal stylist.

What I love about Rocksbox is that you are able to wear all the jewelry pieces all month long before your next box ships. If you end up loving a piece (or all) and want to purchase, you simply go to your account and click on the pieces you would like to purchase and you will be billed for that amount. Keep in mind that the $21/month acts as a style credit so you can use that credit towards your purchase. If you return all pieces then of course you will be forfeiting that credit and you will be charged $21/month automatically. My tip to avoid unexpected charges is to set a reminder on your phone or calendar in order to note when you have to return your jewelry pieces since you will be charged if they are not returned (you keep an active payment method on file).

This first piece is a Kendra Scott necklace which went well with my style since I gravitate more towards dainty and elegant pieces. I opted to try out both silver and gold tone pieces even though I gravitate towards rose/gold tone jewelry since I think it compliments my complexion. Looking at their necklace options I would have preferred to have a druzy stone or a neutral colored stone. This specific piece retailed for $50 which was a bit out of my price range considering I did not see myself wearing this too often.

This next piece is something I was on the fence about given that I do not normally wear bracelets (does my Fitbit count as a bracelet?). This Ava Rose slider bracelet definitely won me over since I had never worn a slider bracelet and this specific piece felt so elegant and expensive for a great price. I loved the tone of the druzy piece as I felt like it went with almost any outfit. This specific piece retailed for around $50.

This last piece of jewelry in my box was something I knew I would end up keeping. These earrings are so unique and nothing close to anything I own. I love the pastel colors and the fact that this is a gold tone jewelry piece. I was surprised at the fact that these earrings were not heavy on me. The price point was perfect since it was only $37 (without my $21 credit). The detailed beading caught my attention and I definitely received many compliments while wearing them to work. 

If you are on the hunt to spice up your jewelry collection or want to try something out of your comfort zone, then I highly suggest subscribing to Rocksbox. I cannot wait to see what my stylist picks out next month. Go ahead and subscribe  HERE

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 



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